Light Duty Shelving Item

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2020 L

Colour: Blue/Grey

Model: 2020 L
Dimensions: L 2 x W 0.5 x H 2 M

Total loading: 300KG
Max Loading: 75KG per shelve

Packaging Size
Upright: 6.8KG 202 x 17 x 10cm
Beam: 8.7kg 200 x 16 x 16cm
Shelf: 12.6kg 95 x 48 x 22cm

The shelves are powder coated to provide rust resistance. They are designed to last long and supply all safety features.
These shelves can maximise the storage space of your home, office or workshop. With adjustable height and extendable length, our shelves can fit all your storage needs.

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Color Blue
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